Some Very Nice Breeder Pairs For Sale

I have decided to let some of my favorite breeder and parrotlet pairs go.  I have a new job that is taking up more time so I need to lighten my load.


Pair #1 – SOLD

Heavy Blue Pied Male & Turquoise Lucida Hen

Heavy Blue Pied Male & Turquoise Lucida Hen

This Turquoise Lucida hen is by far the best speciman of a Lucida that I have ever seen,  When I got her as a young baby she looked like a normal turquoise hen with a blue rump (lucida), as she feathered out the blue in her wings and especially on her eye streaks turned very blue like a male.





Turquoise Lucida Hen (Pictured with a Truquoise Pied Male)If I didn’t know better (and her wings dont have the blue flights), I would have sworn she was a male when she first feathered out.  She has since laid 2 large clutches of eggs.  She was originally paired up with this gorgeous turquoise pied male but she seemed more interested in the blue pied I now have her paired with.  (He is available below). The male is also very striking being mostly white with just patches of blue on his head and chest.  He may also be a Lucida.


Turquoise Lucida HenHere you can see the striking blue eye streaks of the female Turquoise Lucida Parrotlet. (She is being sold with the blue pied male, not pictured here, the Turquoise pied male in the photo is not included in this pairing and is available below)







Here is a photo of the female when she was a baby.  You can see she had no eye streaks, and a lighter blue rump which later turned darker when her bright blue eye streaks came in as well as a nice wash of cobalt on her flights.






Dilute Blue (White) Male & Turquoise Pied Female (light pied)

This is my favorite pair.  They are great breeders that have produced some of my most beautiful birds so far.  All of those gorgeous marbled pieds you have seen on this site have come from this pair.  The female is lightly pied with a pale coloring (white mixed in with the blue and green on her body).  They give turquoise, turquoise pieds, blue & blue pieds.  Babies are split to yellow and always come out so differently.  Each clutch gets prettier and prettier.  They are very good breeders and about 2 1/2 years old.




Here is another photo of them.  They were both handfed, but the hen is very shy.  They would breed forever if they were allowed to, they go right to nest as soon as the box is opened up.








Dilute Blue Male (Misty’s baby, probably split turquoise due to the yellow gene) & Light Green Pied Lucida Female Split Blue (possible split to fallow)

This pair is new together.  The hen was originally with the heavy blue pied male I am selling with the turquoise lucida hen in Pair #1.  She went on to give me the gorgeous babies you see in my website banner (the pretty blue & green pieds).  She is now paired with this Dilute Blue Male.  He is a bit younger than her, she is about 2 years old and he is about 1 year old.  This pair should give the same color babies as before with the babies being split to yellow.  If she is split to yellow then some of the babies will be Dilutes as well as dilute pieds.  There is a 50% chance she is split to fallow as well.  The Dilute Blue male is from turquoise and dilute turquoise parents so I am not sure if he is split to turquoise. The female has some yellow feathers on her wings and a few spots on her body, and clear nails.


Turquoise Pied Male – SOLD

Turquoise Lucida Male split yellow – SOLD

This male is one of my pride and joys.  he is so gorgeous.  When I got him his coloring was not so pretty, He has molted out 2 times now and as you can see from the photos,, he gets prettier with each molt.  This is the latest photo of him.  Also pictured is a gorgeous Turquoise Lucida Male





Here he is after his first molt, he got more yellow in the face (above you can see even more yellow after his second big molt)






Here he is as a baby.  He was pretty, but didn’t acquire the pretty coloring until he molted out.  He is pictured with the Turquoise Lucida Hen when she was a baby too.






Turquoise Lucida Marbled Pied Female – SOLD

This little lady was probably the most beautiful parrotlet I have ever seen in my aviary.  She was born from Pair #2 above.  She just went through a big molt and her coloring changed drastically.  I have never seen this happen before but I am sure she will continue to change with each molt like most of the pieds do.  See her photo below.  She was so colorful.






Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female ParrotletThis is what she looked like when she feathered out of the nest.  So Striking!!!  I was sad to see the marbling molt out, but on many of my pastel parrotlets, this same thing happened.

Another Cute, Handfed Baby Parrotlet – Blue Female Split Yellow

Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split YellowI have another little baby girl I am handfeeding.  She is blue split to yellow.  She comes from Turquoise and Dilute Blue parents. She is so darn sweet.  I think these last 2 girls have been especially friendly because they have each been raised alone.  She waits on the bars of the cage, chirping when she sees me or hears me hoping I will let her out.  She is not afraid of anything, but when something does startle her, she runs to me.  So cute.  She also likes to climb in my shirt and cuddle and preen herself.


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 2


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 3


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 4


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 5


Dilute Blue Female Parrotlet Gets A Wonderful New Home

Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 5This little handfed baby Dilute Blue Parrotlet girl has been such a joy to raise.  She is by far the friendliest bird I have ever handfed.  A bird like this only comes around once in a rare time.  You can see by the photos how alert and curious she is about everything.  She loves being out and ruling her world.  She looks the camera right in the eye!  She will be on her way to a very lucky new family in Denver, Colorado tomorrow!  I will miss her so much, I don’t want to think about it, but I know she will get all the attention she deserves!





Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 8Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 6Female Dilute Blue (American White) ParrotletFemale Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 3Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 2Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 7Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 4

Available Baby & Young Breeder Parrotlets For Sale

Turquoise female Split Yellow parrotletHead on over to my “Available” page to see what new parrotlets I have for sale.











Turquoise & Blue Marbled Pieds and Turquoise Parrotlets

New Photos of Misty’s Chick – A Dilute Blue Female Parrotlet

Baby Female Dilute Blue ParrotletMisty’s little girl is now about 4 1/2 weeks old.  She is the cutest and sweetest baby I have ever raised.  I think it has a lot to do with her being raised a lone.  The baby loves me and will cry for me until I go and get her.  She is so trusting and will let me do anything to her.  Her favorite place is still at the front of my shirt, snuggling against my chest and chirping and singing, and playing with my necklace.  What a doll.




Spoiled Baby Dilute Blue Parrotlet

Female Dilute Blue Parrotlet ChickThis little girl is just so cute!  She spends the day hanging out in my shirt.  She sits in a warm sock and pops out when she wants attention, or she thinks it’s time to eat.  Whoever ends up with this little doll is going to love her!

Misty’s Baby is a Dilute Blue Parrotlet

Awww.  Misty’s chick has turned out to be a little snow princess.  She is the most adorable little Dilute Blue (American White) parrotlet.  She is of the normal variety.  Her sister from the last clutch was a normal dilute blue as well but she was of the Lucida subspecies so her sister looks a lot like a male but is in fact a Dilute Blue Lucida.

Dilute Blue (American White) Female Parrotlet Chick 1

This little princess is already spoiled and very inquisitive.  She spends her days hanging out in the front of my shirt (a nice warm spot for her).  She is very white with just the palest blue wash over her wings.  I am sure as her pins open she will have this wash on other areas as well.  Her flight feathers are bright white.

Dilute Blue (American White) Female Parrotlet Chick 2

She is a good eater and chirps periodically.  She lets me scritch her little neck and is very curious about everything around her.

Dilute Blue (American White) Female Parrotlet Chick 3

Misty Has A New Baby Chick

Misty - Female Dilute Blue Turquoise Lucida Parrotlet My Dilute Blue (Amercian White) Lucida Turquoise female parrotlet Misty has a new baby chick.  She is such a proud mommy.  She had 4 eggs, but only 3 were fertile and she kept getting off of her eggs.  Amazingly, she managed to hatch this 1 cute chick.  Can you see the fuzzy little pink baby?  She is a good mommy to the little chick.




Misty - Female Dilute Blue Turquoise Lucida Parrotlet 2People always wonder if their pets will stay tame if they breed.  Misty certainly has.  She loves my attention (one of the reasons she keeps getting off of her eggs).  ”






Misty - Female Dilute Blue Turquoise Lucida Parrotlet 4As you can see, she loves when I scratch her neck.  She just melts.  So sweet.

New Turquoise Pied Baby Parrotlets

Turquoise & Blue Marbled Pieds and Turquoise Parrotlets

Remember those little pink rubber eraser babies from about 6 weeks ago?  Well look at those beauties now.

They grew up to be 1 marbled blue pied male, 1 exquisite turquoise, marbled, pied female, 1 turquoise male & 1 turquoise female.  All of the babies look to be of the Lucida subspecies so their coloring is incredibly vibrant.


Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female Parrotlet 3I haven’t really seen pieds like this before, but they have a scalloped, edged marking on the wings and a marbled coloring on their chests.

This is a female.  She was baby #4 of the clutch, and the youngest.  She is a gorgeous rainbow of colors.  I just love her.  I am calling her a Turquoise Marbled, Lucida Pied.






Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female Parrotlet 2Here is another look at this remarkable little female baby parrotlet.  The camera really cannot capture the soft pallete of colors on her chest.  There is pale yellow and pale minty green and pale blue mixed in with a lot of white.







Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female Parrotlet 4This little baby female parrotlet also has tiny white feathers above each eye which gives her the look of eyebrows.  She is very shy.


Parrotlets – Are They The Right Pet For You?

Turquoise and Turquoise Pied Parrotlets

Turquoise and Turquoise Pied ParrotletsYou walk into a pet store and there you see the most adorable, tiny, colorful parrot.  It is so small…you just gotta have it.  And oh, the color!  It is just the most gorgeous splash of vibrant colors you have ever seen packed into such a small parrot.  While you’re at it, you think, hmmm, so tiny I can have 2 or 3 of them.

Parrotlets are indeed one of the smallest parrots on the planet.  They are smart, inquisitive, somewhat quiet compared to their larger counterparts and have some of the most beautiful coloring you will ever see.  Don’t let their tiny size fool you.  They are adorable little clowns but they can sometimes exhibit that “Napoleon” complex you hear so much about in tiny dogs.  They have no idea they are tiny and will often confront birds 100x bigger then themselves, as well as humans.

But come on, who can resist these tiny creatures?  As long as you know what you are getting into then by all means definitely consider bringing one of these beauties into your life.    You can find more information about parrotlets on my blog here Parrotlet Info.