Some Very Nice Breeder Pairs For Sale

I have decided to let some of my favorite breeder and parrotlet pairs go.  I have a new job that is taking up more time so I need to lighten my load.


Pair #1 – SOLD

Heavy Blue Pied Male & Turquoise Lucida Hen

Heavy Blue Pied Male & Turquoise Lucida Hen

This Turquoise Lucida hen is by far the best speciman of a Lucida that I have ever seen,  When I got her as a young baby she looked like a normal turquoise hen with a blue rump (lucida), as she feathered out the blue in her wings and especially on her eye streaks turned very blue like a male.





Turquoise Lucida Hen (Pictured with a Truquoise Pied Male)If I didn’t know better (and her wings dont have the blue flights), I would have sworn she was a male when she first feathered out.  She has since laid 2 large clutches of eggs.  She was originally paired up with this gorgeous turquoise pied male but she seemed more interested in the blue pied I now have her paired with.  (He is available below). The male is also very striking being mostly white with just patches of blue on his head and chest.  He may also be a Lucida.


Turquoise Lucida HenHere you can see the striking blue eye streaks of the female Turquoise Lucida Parrotlet. (She is being sold with the blue pied male, not pictured here, the Turquoise pied male in the photo is not included in this pairing and is available below)







Here is a photo of the female when she was a baby.  You can see she had no eye streaks, and a lighter blue rump which later turned darker when her bright blue eye streaks came in as well as a nice wash of cobalt on her flights.






Dilute Blue (White) Male & Turquoise Pied Female (light pied)

This is my favorite pair.  They are great breeders that have produced some of my most beautiful birds so far.  All of those gorgeous marbled pieds you have seen on this site have come from this pair.  The female is lightly pied with a pale coloring (white mixed in with the blue and green on her body).  They give turquoise, turquoise pieds, blue & blue pieds.  Babies are split to yellow and always come out so differently.  Each clutch gets prettier and prettier.  They are very good breeders and about 2 1/2 years old.




Here is another photo of them.  They were both handfed, but the hen is very shy.  They would breed forever if they were allowed to, they go right to nest as soon as the box is opened up.








Dilute Blue Male (Misty’s baby, probably split turquoise due to the yellow gene) & Light Green Pied Lucida Female Split Blue (possible split to fallow)

This pair is new together.  The hen was originally with the heavy blue pied male I am selling with the turquoise lucida hen in Pair #1.  She went on to give me the gorgeous babies you see in my website banner (the pretty blue & green pieds).  She is now paired with this Dilute Blue Male.  He is a bit younger than her, she is about 2 years old and he is about 1 year old.  This pair should give the same color babies as before with the babies being split to yellow.  If she is split to yellow then some of the babies will be Dilutes as well as dilute pieds.  There is a 50% chance she is split to fallow as well.  The Dilute Blue male is from turquoise and dilute turquoise parents so I am not sure if he is split to turquoise. The female has some yellow feathers on her wings and a few spots on her body, and clear nails.


Turquoise Pied Male – SOLD

Turquoise Lucida Male split yellow – SOLD

This male is one of my pride and joys.  he is so gorgeous.  When I got him his coloring was not so pretty, He has molted out 2 times now and as you can see from the photos,, he gets prettier with each molt.  This is the latest photo of him.  Also pictured is a gorgeous Turquoise Lucida Male





Here he is after his first molt, he got more yellow in the face (above you can see even more yellow after his second big molt)






Here he is as a baby.  He was pretty, but didn’t acquire the pretty coloring until he molted out.  He is pictured with the Turquoise Lucida Hen when she was a baby too.






Turquoise Lucida Marbled Pied Female – SOLD

This little lady was probably the most beautiful parrotlet I have ever seen in my aviary.  She was born from Pair #2 above.  She just went through a big molt and her coloring changed drastically.  I have never seen this happen before but I am sure she will continue to change with each molt like most of the pieds do.  See her photo below.  She was so colorful.






Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female ParrotletThis is what she looked like when she feathered out of the nest.  So Striking!!!  I was sad to see the marbling molt out, but on many of my pastel parrotlets, this same thing happened.

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