Another Cute, Handfed Baby Parrotlet – Blue Female Split Yellow

Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split YellowI have another little baby girl I am handfeeding.  She is blue split to yellow.  She comes from Turquoise and Dilute Blue parents. She is so darn sweet.  I think these last 2 girls have been especially friendly because they have each been raised alone.  She waits on the bars of the cage, chirping when she sees me or hears me hoping I will let her out.  She is not afraid of anything, but when something does startle her, she runs to me.  So cute.  She also likes to climb in my shirt and cuddle and preen herself.


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 2


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 3


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 4


Handfed Baby - Blue Female Parrotlet split Yellow 5


Dilute Blue Female Parrotlet Gets A Wonderful New Home

Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 5This little handfed baby Dilute Blue Parrotlet girl has been such a joy to raise.  She is by far the friendliest bird I have ever handfed.  A bird like this only comes around once in a rare time.  You can see by the photos how alert and curious she is about everything.  She loves being out and ruling her world.  She looks the camera right in the eye!  She will be on her way to a very lucky new family in Denver, Colorado tomorrow!  I will miss her so much, I don’t want to think about it, but I know she will get all the attention she deserves!





Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 8Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 6Female Dilute Blue (American White) ParrotletFemale Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 3Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 2Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 7Female Dilute Blue (American White) Parrotlet 4

Available Baby & Young Breeder Parrotlets For Sale

Turquoise female Split Yellow parrotletHead on over to my “Available” page to see what new parrotlets I have for sale.











Turquoise & Blue Marbled Pieds and Turquoise Parrotlets

New Photos of Misty’s Chick – A Dilute Blue Female Parrotlet

Baby Female Dilute Blue ParrotletMisty’s little girl is now about 4 1/2 weeks old.  She is the cutest and sweetest baby I have ever raised.  I think it has a lot to do with her being raised a lone.  The baby loves me and will cry for me until I go and get her.  She is so trusting and will let me do anything to her.  Her favorite place is still at the front of my shirt, snuggling against my chest and chirping and singing, and playing with my necklace.  What a doll.




Spoiled Baby Dilute Blue Parrotlet

Female Dilute Blue Parrotlet ChickThis little girl is just so cute!  She spends the day hanging out in my shirt.  She sits in a warm sock and pops out when she wants attention, or she thinks it’s time to eat.  Whoever ends up with this little doll is going to love her!

Parrotlet chick is doing great!

The little pink fuzzy is doing great!  He is getting stronger everyday!  Looking forward to pulling him for handfeeding!

Babies First Picture – Awwwww!

Here is the first picture of what I am sure will be a pied parrotlet!  He is only 5 days old and an only chick!  The other eggs in the photo are infertile.  Oh well, maybe next time more siblings.

Here is a photo of him with his gorgeous father!  Mama got spooked my the camera and bailed but he stood his ground to protect his only chick!  So cute!

I hope to pull this baby for handfeeding in about 1 week if all goes well!  Fingers crossed!

Babies Are Hatching!

Good News!
I just had 1 new baby hatch on Feb. 27th! 
This is from a very unusual green pied male – He has a completely yellow head and green body so he looks a bit like a tiny double yellow hear amazon!  I am not sure if he has any splits. His mate is a green pied female that has double leg bands so I am not sure what splits she carries, but I am guessing the the original breeder put two closed leg bands on her to designate some split or another.
The male is a bit older.  They only had 1 fertile egg of the 5 they laid.  I will pull this baby for hand feeding when he is two weeks old at which time he will be closed banded with one of my bands carrying the initials GCB, 11, and # on it. My leg bands this year will be black with white lettering.

I also currently have 1 blue pied male & green/blue pied female sitting on fertile eggs.
I have 1 spectacled pair of parrotlets going in and out of the nest box as well as some other pied pairs of parrotlets!  Check back to see if any new babies are posted and available for deposit!