New Turquoise Pied Baby Parrotlets

Turquoise & Blue Marbled Pieds and Turquoise Parrotlets

Remember those little pink rubber eraser babies from about 6 weeks ago?  Well look at those beauties now.

They grew up to be 1 marbled blue pied male, 1 exquisite turquoise, marbled, pied female, 1 turquoise male & 1 turquoise female.  All of the babies look to be of the Lucida subspecies so their coloring is incredibly vibrant.


Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female Parrotlet 3I haven’t really seen pieds like this before, but they have a scalloped, edged marking on the wings and a marbled coloring on their chests.

This is a female.  She was baby #4 of the clutch, and the youngest.  She is a gorgeous rainbow of colors.  I just love her.  I am calling her a Turquoise Marbled, Lucida Pied.






Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female Parrotlet 2Here is another look at this remarkable little female baby parrotlet.  The camera really cannot capture the soft pallete of colors on her chest.  There is pale yellow and pale minty green and pale blue mixed in with a lot of white.







Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Female Parrotlet 4This little baby female parrotlet also has tiny white feathers above each eye which gives her the look of eyebrows.  She is very shy.


Parrotlets – Are They The Right Pet For You?

Turquoise and Turquoise Pied Parrotlets

Turquoise and Turquoise Pied ParrotletsYou walk into a pet store and there you see the most adorable, tiny, colorful parrot.  It is so small…you just gotta have it.  And oh, the color!  It is just the most gorgeous splash of vibrant colors you have ever seen packed into such a small parrot.  While you’re at it, you think, hmmm, so tiny I can have 2 or 3 of them.

Parrotlets are indeed one of the smallest parrots on the planet.  They are smart, inquisitive, somewhat quiet compared to their larger counterparts and have some of the most beautiful coloring you will ever see.  Don’t let their tiny size fool you.  They are adorable little clowns but they can sometimes exhibit that “Napoleon” complex you hear so much about in tiny dogs.  They have no idea they are tiny and will often confront birds 100x bigger then themselves, as well as humans.

But come on, who can resist these tiny creatures?  As long as you know what you are getting into then by all means definitely consider bringing one of these beauties into your life.    You can find more information about parrotlets on my blog here Parrotlet Info.